Exactly why we are here...


The Wolf Peak StaffFirstly thank you so much for visiting Wolf Peak. We're so proud of everything that we've put together so we really hope you've enjoyed your experience so far.

We are Jay, Jamie and Arrow and we are the founders of Wolf Peak (yup thats us on the right). We started working on this venture back in October 2015 when we'd finally had enough of poor service when it came to our boys food.

You've probably all experienced it, lack of stock (and no way to pre-order or get dues dates) having to call in orders or email over what you want, etc.

The one thing that made us change our mind was during a normal weekend, Jamie opened the freezer thinking there was still plenty of frozen food and bam! Nothing. Not a bit. So in a panic he went online to our usual supplier and checked when they could deliver... not for 2 weeks as the delivery was yesterday... Damm. So he rang them and nope, nothing they could do to help, it was tough luck. We ended up going somewhere else in the end but just couldn't help but think, "We're regular customers, why are we doing all the leg work here?". 

This wasn't the only factor but it certainly tipped us over the edge in terms of making up our mind. For a long time, Jamie especially, had spent countless hours talking 'dog food' with other owners and breeders and we kept hearing the same complaints: "this place to get your food is cheap but not great in getting back to you," or, "don't order from them if you need it urgently!"

Arrow eating a raw lambs leg

We also couldn't help but notice that a lot of online suppliers had very limited knowledge on what they were selling, many just sprung up because it was the 'in thing' to do or others that stock literally everything but couldn't give new raw feeders any advice on what they were selling!

We also wanted to make sure that customers could buy their dog's food which ever way they prefered, be that by phone, online, email, however best suited them and their situation. Not only that we wanted to make sure our delivery service was the best in the Kent area and really encourage customer loyalty.

So with all that whirling around our brains we made the decision to start looking into providing a far more reliable and customer friendly outlet for raw dog food. After several months of planning we decided to make the jump in Feb 2016.

This type of thing certainly isn't for the feint-hearted let us assure you! Cutting a long and dull story short, here we are all open for business and we couldn't be more proud of everything that's been achieved.

During the planning we were sure of only 2 things:

(1) Ensure that customers have an amazing experience that is easy, convenient and personal.

(2) Only stock products that hold true to the B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) mythology and are of high quality.

It certainly wasn't easily to hold true to both of those things and it's taken a lot of tinkering and trial & error but regardless of the effort it took that was that we wanted as we knew that is what our customers wanted.

Here at 'the Peak' we are 100% focused on delivering an amazing personal experience to our customers both on and offline. That much we personally guarantee - mainly because it's us leading the way :)

So far we've had great feedback and added many new product lines and features so please keep that coming. If you have any questions or want to send some feedback then please visit the contact us page and let us know!

With waggy tails

Jay, Jamie & Arrow