Our Raw Dog Food

Here at Wolf Peak we won't compromise on raw feeding our dogs. It is only the best nutrition - because you wouldn't eat substandard food, so why should they.

We stock only the best frozen BARF and Paleo diet dog food, plus supplements and toys from top brands including Benyfit NaturalNutriment, Pooch & Mutt, Albion Meats, Laverstoke Park Farm, Paleo Ridge, Frozzy's,  and Verm-X.

All raw dog food that we stock is human grade, ethnically sourced and most of all tasty!


Our Delivery Service: Kent & The United Kingdom

We are a raw dog food delivery company based in Ashford, Kent and will make your experience amazing!

We carry our weekly deliveries to all parts of Kent as well as offer a unique accommodating service meaning we will always go that extra mile to get your food to you. If you live anywhere else in the United Kingdom we offer a fast courier delivery service. 


Raw Feeding Promise

We are raw feeders ourselves so we know exactly how things should be done. For years raw dog food has taken a back seat in the dog food market place however we want to change that. We pride ourselves on only the best online dog food experience, so come on give us a try - you wont be disappointed.