Welcome to part 2 of my 'myth-busting' blog series. 

It's been an interesting few weeks for me and for the wider raw feeding community in the fallout of the "Trust Me I'm A Vet" TV show aired by the BBC. Many of us have had debates with Vets who are both for and against raw feeding and to be honest generally people do have some valid points. 

Even I've taken part in a few and it has been an interesting and enlightening experience to hear what some Vet's have to say about raw feeding - although many of those against still seemed to remain in a rainbow coloured world of naivety and a very blinkered view of what is clearly a more natural way to feed your dog. It is almost like they don't want to hear any fact or even common sense when you try to explain to them why and point them to clear facts and recognised research. We're not 'kibble-bashers' here at Wolf Peak but we all believe that proper nutrition is essential for both humans and dogs to live long, healthy lives.

I did enjoy redirecting several people to this fun little video below, check it out if you have a few minutes to spare:

Hopefully that video made you think, laugh but most of all consider what you are feeding your dog. Let's jump in to busting some myths!



If you were to feed only muscle meat to a dog then yes you'd be right it wouldn't be balanced. Dogs need both bones and organ meat to ensure they are getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need to live healthy. Image only eating chicken breast for the rest of  your life - would you be very healthy after a few weeks? Probably not. Cluck!

That is why the main products we sell are 'complete' which means someone very knowledgeable in canine nutrition has done all that hard 'math-stuff' and made sure the meals are perfectly balanced.



Not really true and is mainly 'tripe' (get it?) pushed by larger commercial companies to sell more food. Consider this - is your diet balanced EVERY meal? If it is give yourself a gold star as 99.9% of the rest of the human species doesn't even care.

The reason? Because our bodies are clever and are able to hold onto the things we need for a short time as we digest - the same is for dogs. That means that if one day Fido doesn't eat anything other than the tasty lamb ribs you gave him at lunchtime - he won't spontaneously combust. His body will just use the nutrients he stored from breakfast to give him what he needs.



Ok so lets get this right out there now - feeding raw may only make your dog ill if there already have a compromised immune system and that is due to bacteria that thrives on raw meat. So put the anti-bac spray down and read on.

Dogs were until fairly recently wild - they had to deal with eating anything they came across including rotting corpses of other animals. That means that actually they are very well equipped for raw food and not enough centuries have gone by since we domesticated them to change their anatomy. Dogs produce lysozyme in their syliva which actually is antibacterial and coupled with their short digestive system means that bacteria has little to no time to colonise anyway in their system. Their stomach acid is so powerful (much more so than ours) that it actually creates quite an inhospitable environment for bacteria to live in and reproduce.

So with just those three amazingly cool features your dog is a million more times adapted to raw food than we will ever be.


That's all for this post people, keep your eyes open for Part 3 coming soon!