Fussy dog not eating food

Ok so let's level here - we all go through periods were we just don't fancy anything to eat, both humans and dogs. The important bit is decide: is you dog not eating because of something else?

It hopefully will be no surprise that dogs of course get bored, in the wild they get a variety of foods from their scavenging. If they are eating the same food on a daily basis then you would probably get bored after a while as well!

Although not a complete list and certainly not from a science perspective here's a small list of things to check but remember if in any doubt contact your local Vet.

  • Are they not eating just one type of food? It could be an allergy, some dogs are allergic to chicken so try something similar like turkey. Dogs are super clever and if they thing a type of food is bad for them they will probably refuse to eat it.
  • Have you changed the manufacturer of your food? Different suppliers use different sources for their meat, this can even vary between batches. At Wolf Peak we are always very careful with our selection of suppliers such as Benyfit Natural who only source their meat from reliable, sustainable sources.
  • Teeth check? It may sound silly but it's important to check your dogs teeth regularly, their refusal to eat could mean they have toothache!
  • Bit sudden? Have they all of a sudden gone off their food? Then maybe it's time to get a checkup.
  • Scary bowl? If you've dropped, broken or done anything scary around their food bowl or area they may be a bit spooked by it. Give it some time and re-introduce the bowl slowly with something they love like a treat.
  • Fresh? Now don't forget raw meat goes off fast it also is very susceptible to strong smelling food around it. So make sure you've freshly defrosted the meat, anything more than 48 hrs then it's time for the bin I'm afraid. Although it's doubtful it would harm your dog - the smell alone is likely to put them off. Also consider where you are defrosting the meat - are you just putting it in the fridge with that amazing blue stinky cheese that you've got in for lunch? Well you may want to consider an airtight box to go in your fridge to protect the meat from any 'stinks' that you ay have


brussel sproutsSometimes your little four legged friend may just need a bit of gentle persuasion to eat their food like a little dog friendly gravy or even a couple of bits of their favourite treat hidden inside it.

You don't like brussel sprouts right? Well I bet your parents made you eat them at Christmas - sometimes it's the same with dogs, you may just find that they have gone off it!

Also it's important to remember dogs can go 2 or 3 days without food. It wont hurt them at all and is just part of their natural cycle. In the wild they would have to go several days before they caught or found their next meal.

So what to do?

Well it can be as simple as revert back to what they last eat most of and enjoyed - only really works if you recently changed their food.

Better still leave it down for 10/15mins, if they don't eat it well times up pup pup. Back into the fridge until next time. Remember dogs can do sometime without food, especially easy for them to skip a meal. What it will do is encourage them to perhaps be less fussy at the next meal time!