Huxley Hound make it to the Dragons' Den

Huxley Hound Team

Although we only knew that they were 'up to something' we had no idea that they would be featured on the BBC's Dragons' Den this week! 

We watched with bated breath whilst fielding phone calls from friends and family saying "Are you watching Dragons' Den? That company you stock with the funny vegetable treats is on!" That carried on for a while, so much so we had to pause it!

With the TV show resumed, we watched and waited as the Dragons did their usual dance around their prey, until finally we got there with a mild sweat I moved in closer to the TV.... Yes! An offer! The relief was overwhelming and the shear pleasure of knowing that this fantastic team get some great backing.

Huxley Hounds

We've been proud stockists of Huxley Hound for a long time now and are so pleased that they have been given some great exposure. 

Along with their new backer, they've brought out a great new line up of packaging to really showcase what an amazing product they have and here's a sneak peak just for you...

New Huxley Hound Packaging

Don't they look great?

So with the relief passed and the stress for us to dispatch what felt like a million of these the moment the TV show ended we are very proud to have Huxley Hound as part of our Pack.

Missed the Episode, why not grab it on BBC's iPlayer here:

Huxley Hound on Dragon's Den Catchup