In hot weather it is important that you keep an eye on your dog for signs of dehydration. Simply put if you dog loses more fluid than they drink then you have dehydration. 

This short and sweet article will give you a few top tips on how to do just that!


1. Check that wee!

It may sound a bit weird but checking your dogs urine is really important - if not a bit strange if your neighbours happen to be looking out the window. You're looking for a dark yellow colour which indicates their urine is very concentrated.

This can happen because your dogs kidneys are having to work overtime to recycle whatever what your dog has in their body.


2. Look at their gums...

A dogs gums are usually wet and shiny, if they are dehydrated they will be tacky or sticky as they wont be producing as much saliva as they normally would.

If a dog is frightening or anxious about something theycan also get dry gums so make sure you are checking when the dog is in a relaxed state.


3. Are they acting strange?

Typically when dogs are seeking water they may pace unusually. They may also be licking their lips quite a lot and may lay by their water bowl.

This is their natural way of telling your they are thirsty and may try to get your attention to fill up that bowl!


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So really in summary the best way to tackle this is to make sure you're keeping an eye on your dogs water supply. Put it this way, every time you go to get a drink - make sure they have one too!