Well the British summer has landed - days are long and the sun is shining but is it too hot for your dog? They can suffer the same type of problems that us humans do such as dehydration, sunburn (yup that's right) and of course overheating.

So to keep your dog cool this summer we've put together a few of our top tips and ideas!

Tip #1

dog surfing on the seaIf your dog is a bit of a beach bum and enjoys spending time chasing the waves make sure you've got plenty of fresh water to hand as all that chasing the surf is going to leave your pup as thirsty as the sand! It is also important that you wash the salt and sand of your dog as soon as you can because it gets right into their fur and can cause irritation - think about show you feel after a swim at the beach, sand gets everywhere! Nothing is nicer than having a nice ice cream at the beach so why not take a healthy frozen yogurt with you for your dog - far better for your pup than a sugary ice cream! 


Tip #2

dog in the garden with a footballKids love to play with our furry friends out in the sun but be careful of how much time your dog is out when its really hot. Playtime is best at the start and end of the day when it is cooler.


Tip #3

dog looking out the car windowWe all love taking our pup out with us on our adventures during the summer - but remember to not leave them in the car! You'll be amazed how quickly your car will heat up in a matter of minutes. Even with a window open unless there is a breeze it's going to get toasty quickly! If you still doubt our advice here - try it yourself, sit in your car with jumper on and the window open a little bit and see how long you can stand it.



Tip #4 

A lot of our treats can be given frozen, products such as Ducks or Turkey necks are a fantastic way for your dog to stay active and help them cool off a bit! 



Tip #5 

Undercoat RakeIs it time for a groom? Dogs with heavy coats needs a good groom to get our all of their winter undercoat. You can always invest in an undercoat rake and do it yourself but why not pamper your pooch a little bit and give them a little 'spa' day treat. Don't they deserve it?


Tip #6 

Man spraying insecticideWe all tend to get a bit 'green fingered' when the sun comes out - just be cautious of your use of insecticides and weed killers. These can be harmful to your dogs so make sure you get brands that are pet friendly or use them in areas where your dog can't get to.


Tip #7

Dog in poolDogs tend to love  water and giving them a chance to lay or play in a little pool of water can really help them relax and cool down! Just keep those towels at hand! You don't have to spend a lot just a simple £5 blow up pool will entertain your dog for ages!