The age old myth around your dog pretending to be a sheep is that they want to make themselves sick. We now know that this is an old wives tale, however the real reason is still a little bit of mystery.

Quite a few dogs that we’ve come across over the years eat grass. Sometimes they actually eat it however sometimes they seem to just give it a chew and spit it out. They are also known to chew on tree bark and other roughage that we consider ‘strange’.

There are a few good theories however that may shine some light on the subject.

Dogs eat grass to make them sick

Well this might be true but there was a study conducted that showed only 22% of dogs actually vomited after eating a decent amount of grass - I mean it’s hardly proof but the research did point towards your dog just may want to be a cow deep down.

They are lacking something in their diet

Again a study showed that from a range of dogs who ate various diets the data suggested there was no real link between diet and bovine activity. Lets face it, most dogs eat what they want to eat so maybe they like the taste? I mean not every human likes brussel sprouts right?

Dogs are descendants of wolves who ate plant eating animals so that’s why

Well that’s not incorrect for sure - wolves did eat animals that consumed plant matter so it’s not outside the realms of possibility that they have a craving for plant based food. People often mistake dogs for pure carnivores, I prefer to think of them as carnivores by choice but will eat whatever is available to them. That’s what makes canines very successful survivors.

They eat grass to get rid of parasites

Again in the wild they must of had a way to handle this without the need to pop to the vets for a month vaccination. So is it possible? Of course! Is it the reason - your guess is as good as mine.

They do it for fun

To be honest this is actually the most likely reason. I read in a blog from that there was a study conducted on Panda’s and to cut a long story short - they choose to eat bamboo because it releases a chemical on their brain which gives them pleasure. Maybe dogs have a similar reaction? Until there is more study we will probably never know.

Final Thoughts

So the true reason behind why our four legged furry friends choose to act like goats could be any one of the above - or it could be all of them. There just isn’t the science yet to back up one particular theory but what we do know is that it isn’t dangerous - so don’t get your leads in a knot about it, let them chow down if it makes them happy.