Raw Treats & Bones – Tagged "Type_Natural-Treats" – Wolf Peak
Beef Trachea
A great chew for dogs that is totally natural. Perfect for helping clean teeth and keeping your dog from getting bored....
Chicken Hearts
These Chicken Hearts can be fed as part of a meal replacement for example: swap the weight of hearts for the...
Ducks Necks
1kg of frozen meaty duck necks in a sealed bag. Ideal as a treat meal every now and then, or...
Frozzys Frozen Yogurt For Dogs Sale
Frozzys Frozen Yogurt For Dogs
£1.65 £1.45
These fantastic little pots of joy are ideal for when it's getting a bit warm out there and you want...
Lamb Ribs
A great raw treat for dogs that is totally natural meat. These ribs are ideal for helping keep your dogs...
Turkey Neck
These raw turkey necks make an ideal treat for larger dogs! These necks are fantastic to encourage jaw exercise whilst giving...


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