Are you looking for a great opportunity to run your own business?

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. If you're not already familiar with Wolf Peak, we resell premium raw dog food online in the county of Kent and across the UK. We don't make our own food, but we do source everything we stock from the best raw food and natural treats manufacturers in the UK.

We are looking to sell our business and have assembled this page to better outline the business opportunity.


Our story

We have established ourselves very well within the marketplace and really have found a great niche with HUGE potential to grow.

Wolf Peak could still be considered as a start up business as it is only 2 years old and continues to grow month on month.

Already in the past 2 years, we have already gained a regular client base with easily a £2.5k per month turnover. Although we are biased, we are so lucky to have such a super set of loyal customers and more coming on board every week.

We originally set the business up when we struggled to find a supplier that could give us the variety we wanted for a fussy dog and someone that offered regular deliveries that didn’t break the bank.

Over time we have learnt a great deal about what the best products to stock are, and where we really wanted to be in the market. We settled on focusing on the complete ready meal side of raw feeding rather than catering for DIY’ers. We tried at the beginning but to do so requires a great deal of investment in stock and storage which we weren’t in a position to do. That isn’t to say it wasn’t profitable, but we wanted to focus on one area whilst we grew.


How the business works

This business is completely run from home with no need for any premises (unless you want to) and can be relocated.

We would recommend it being located in Kent as that is where the majority of the customers are, and you would need space for the freezers that we have to store everything (a large garage space would be fine). Although there is no reason that you couldn’t be in a neighbouring county and complete all the deliveries in Kent on one day whilst you build a local customer base.

The main areas that you have to focus on are stock management, customer support and deliveries. Currently we do our deliveries across 3 days each week and takes about 3-4 hours per day to do. We use our own vehicles and have a delivery app that helps you organise and plan your routes which of course would come with the business.

Support for customers comes via a phone system which is VOIP – meaning you can take a call anywhere on any device so is very portable and easy to transfer over without changing any phone numbers etc. Email/Facebook/Twitter support is all managed through one helpdesk portal which again can be responded to on pretty much any PC or smart device.

No prior experience is necessary, everything can be learned very quickly - so if you have a passion for dogs and are a budding entrepreneur then this could be for you.

In terms of approx, time you would need to dedicate:

7 hours a week admin and response

2 hours a week for stock replenishment

9 hours a week for deliveries

2 hours a week preparing Social Media Content

In total 20 hours a week which would suit someone looking to work part time, if you want it to grow quickly then of course you would need to spend more time than this.

Other things such as marketing and research is obviously down to you. 

The Marketplace

There is little competition in this region of Kent and with our real focus on great high-quality products and excellent customer service we have become a popular outlet for people to feed their dog's raw food.

The raw food market already has a 2-3% market share of the pet food industry and is set to grow to 4-6% in the next couple of years so it’s a great time to be in this type of industry.

What makes people use us? The free delivery and the selection of products. This is the real deal closer for people as dogs often change their minds about what they want to eat, and you occasionally have to experiment. Having multiple brands means that customers can give their dogs more choice when it comes to mealtime. As for delivery, if the customer spends over £30 and they live in Kent, delivery is free. This has won us a lot of our business as no one likes paying a delivery charge!


What is being sold?

We've got the business to the point where it is self-sustaining when it comes to funds, i.e. it doesn't require additional income sources to restock or run overheads therefore you would only be investing a small amount to take it forward and additional investment if you wanted to actively use Google or Facebook Ads.

There are many components to the business but here is an initial list of what we are selling:

> The business website (Magento 2) - at least £2k worth of development has gone into it as it has been customimised to fit our needs
> social media platforms (twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram)
> any stock remaining at the time of sale
> 19x freezers of various sizes
> printed literature including popup banners, posters, leaflets
> All original branding and artwork
> 2x label printers (Dymo)
> 1x samsung laser printer
> packaging materials including printed boxes, polystyrene boxes, carrier bags
> a lockup (lease fees apply) is available should you want it although it’s not a requirement that you take it
> trade stand equipment including tables, banners, price holders, etc,
> phone system (RingCentral with IP Phone)
> a Samsung tablet which we use for our deliveries
> full customer database and mailing list of 300+

It's ready to be popped on the back of a van and moved to your desired location.

You will also get a full week of 121 training as well as 3 months of support for any questions you need help with.


Why are we selling?

This is not a franchise and has been hand built by my family. The obvious question is "if it's so good why are you selling?" - the difficult answer for us is that we have little choice, we need to relocate outside of the county to provide care for a sick family member and therefore must leave the business behind as most of our customers are here in Kent. We've invested too much to begin again in another region and know in our hearts we must let it go! Still being a start up company we know it has huge potential and wouldn't be selling it if we didn't have to relocate.

We are really keen to talk to you if you are interested and are happy to chat on the phone, face to face and even do some show and tell for you.

We can provide any information you require however it doesn't make any sense for us to release confidential information on the first message from you. We will provide high level info to start to ensure it something you are interested in and then when we meet we can provide any sensitive information - this is just to stop nosey parkers and only discuss this with genuinely interested persons.


The financials

We are looking to sell the business for £20,000 or a good offer.

This price is based on us wanting a quick sale. We've conducted various valuations and at the top end you're looking at £60k (2 years turnover plus stock and assets) and the midrange to be around £30k so we feel the price is reflective of how young the business is plus it would be very easy for your to grow it and turnover even more.

THIS IS NOT A BUY AND MAKE THOUSANDS OVERNIGHT OPPORTUNITY - This is a startup business that we are selling and therefore the turnover is not reflective of its full potential.

We want a smooth and simple transition for our customers and to sell this to someone that wants this as their own business and to continue to develop and grow it like we have.

The price is not set in stone and expect there to be some healthy negotiation on the sale price and we even will consider a deposit and payment scheme.

Last year we turned over £24,000 and this year we have already turned over nearly £30,000. We've already proved that it makes a good profit with a net profit ranging from 15 to 25% depending on the items sold - now it's time to hand over the keys to someone that wants to take it to the next level.

If you are interested in discussing the excellent opportunity then please get in touch directly: [email protected]