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Keep ON the grass with WOOF&BREW’s Ha-Pee Lawns

The doggy tonic & tea that combats the effects of doggy pee!

  •  Stops urine burns
  • Benefits dogs and your lawn
  • Tried & tested – 8/10 saw results within just 3 weeks

Formulated to reduce burn patches and unlike many other lawn care products on the market, this tried & tested blend has been specially formulated to benefit dogs as well as lawns. Packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals, it contains cleansing & purifying properties - particularly good for urinary systems, and helps to neutralise the alkalinity of dog’s urine. This unique blend will have dogs & lawns living together ha-peely ever after!

Contains 28x tea bags

Serving Guide

Woof & Brew’s high quality, loose-leaf blends are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals & are packed into biodegradable pyramid doggy tea bags, making it nice & easy to brew too!

Serve as a drink or over food

1. Add 1 doggy tea bag to 250ml of boiling water.

2. Allow the bag to infuse for 4 minutes.

3. Remove the doggy tea bag with a spoon, and then add a further 750ml of cold water.

4. Stir & pour contents into your dog bowl & leave for them to enjoy!

Alternatively add the initial COOLED 250ml infusion to your dog’s food.


What is Lawn Burn?

Lawn burns are patches of dead grass in your lawn caused by urine from your dog.


Why does this happen?

Urine is high in ammonia, which contains nitrogen. In the correct concentration nitrogen is actually good for plants and grass and acts as a fertiliser. Unfortunately the concentration of nitrogen is very high in dogs’ urine, so the area of grass, which receives a high dose of nitrogen, dies and creates brown patches. The area surrounding it which has received a less concentrated dosage of nitrogen grows fast and can look green and lush.

Are bitches worse than dogs?

Yes. It’s not that their urine is intrinsically different; it’s the way they urinate that makes the difference. Bitches squat giving your lawn a small, concentrated dose of urine, whereas males tend to urinate in different locations, often on fences, posts and trees rather than grass, therefore diluting the effect.

How can I prevent this happening?

Give your dog Ha-Pee Lawns – made just like a cup of tea (without the milk and sugar!) it can either be served in the dog’s drinking bowl or added to their food. But, please remember NOT to serve hot.


Why should I use this rather than other products?

Unlike many other lawn care products on the market, Ha-Pee Lawns has been specially formulated to benefits dogs as well as the lawn. It’s packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. So, as well as neutralising the alkalinity of dog’s urine, it contains cleansing and purifying properties - particularly good for urinary systems


Will it work straight away?

In controlled tests results showed the benefits can be seen within 3 weeks of starting Ha-Pee Lawns (based on being given daily), which is why this product is only available in 28-day pouches.


Can it be used for any breed?

Yes, Ha-Pee Lawns is suitable for any breed.

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