The phrase ‘healthier living’ is something that us humans have been batting around for the last few years however it seems that many of our best friends are still being forced to eat heavily processed 'fast-foods'.

Here at Wolf Peak we understand that many of these processed foods that owners are being led to believe is good for their dogs just simply isn't. Can you honestly say that if you ate fast food every day you would feel healthy?

Well it is no different for your furry friend. Dogs were made to eat meat - raw meat. Simple.

We go through rigorous testing and research on all of the products we sell to ensure that we allow only the best out of our den.

All our our suppliers have to meet our strict criteria of locally sourced products, ethically produced and most importantly full of only goodness.

  • No fillers
  • No GM (Genitally Modified) meat
  • No wheat
  • No rice
  • No anything we wouldn't give to a human

Quality is what is key for a long healthy life - so why do people not treat animals in the same way? Stop feeding your dog 'fast food' and start getting them on the right track with a B.A.R.F diet.