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Raw Feeding (BARF) Dog Food in the United Kingdom

Our story of raw dog food

When we first got our Alaskan Malamute as a puppy we started him on kibble as most novice dog owners do, we never thought to feed him raw dog food. 

It's what we hear on TV and see in the shops that guides us to make our decisions without us even knowing it!

It wasn't until he started developing a 'dodgy' stomach that we got into it. We had seen the vets more times than I care to remember, spent hundreds of pounds of tests, antibiotics, you name it we had bought it. 

It wasn't until we went back and spoke to our breeder and they asked "what are you feeding him?". When they responded and said why don't you try raw feeding instead, that all his 'tummy' troubles went away.

We started him on Nutriment Chicken which is a complete meal for dogs and believe me within 2 weeks he was a different dog.

That same story we hear time and time again at Wolf Peak - there is only one reason for that. Because dogs weren't meant to eat kibble. Let's not get mixed up here, yes it has everything they probably need but it also contains a lot that they don't. And that is the point.

Raw feeding in the UK (United Kingdom) only holds about 3% of the raw dog food market share - which is tiny when you think about it. Here at wolf peak we are determined to see that climb! We're not about taking other raw feeding companies business we are focused on promoting the health benefits that your dog will have when you decide to make the change for them and switch to a BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).


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