Albion Meat Products Logo

Albion have been in business over 30 years and are experienced in delivering the best quality products based on the BARF Diet and looking at the difference that they make to our customers and their dogs.

They try to source their ingredients locally to the factory where possible using meat, fruit and vegetables from approved British farms and from our other tried and tested suppliers. All of their meat is human grade and comes from British farms.

Albion Meat Products’ ranges do not contain wheat, rice, soya, eggs, dairy produce, animal derivatives, additives, preservatives or colouring. Many people believe that such ingredients have been the cause of a variety of health problems in dogs. No extra vitamin supplements are added to their meals as all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs come straight from the natural ingredients in the food.

This is the philosophy of a true BARF Diet, nothing added, nothing taken away, just healthy food containing quality ingredients.