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The team over at The Delicious Dog Food Company are crazy about their dogs and passionate about producing the finest, healthiest raw dog food around. We are so proud to have this manufacturer on board as they are local to us in Kent and are really keen to ensure that raw feeding becomes common place in today's dog food market.

They specialise in chunky complete meals that your dog will just love to eat because the texture is more natural and stimulating for your four legged friend. The Delicious Dog Foof kitchen is always pumping out new and up to date receipes with the help of their in house nutritionist to ensure that their products are the perfect fit for your dog. We love the fact that they are very careful about what goes into their meals, they try to keep it as simple as possible without compromising the nutritional needs of a BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).

Their food is made entirely from human grade products and every single meal is handmade using as little machinery in the process as possible. All the produce that goes into making their complete meals is sourced locally so you can be confident that what goes into your dogs dinner is no different than what you would serve yourself.

ddfc 3 product boxes

This manufacturer is the first of our suppliers to support 100% recyclable packaging - no mess, no waste! All of their food comes in waxed cardboard containers that are leakproof (yes we've tested them!) and desolve proof - so no messy fridge time.