It's all about our customers...

Yes that's right, we may be in business to make money however our first priority is to our customers and their dogs. barney guarding his wolf peak delivery

There are so many companies out there selling raw dog food now and several in the are of Kent (our home county) but we pride ourselves on a friendly, helpful service. We're not just some uninterested member of staff on the end of the phone, we're passionate about what we do.

We promise:

  • you will get the advice and help you need to switch to raw
  • we'll always be there when you need us
  • you'll get rewarded for being a loyal customer
  • you can place your order which ever way suits you best
  • that we will never overcharge you for shipping
  • we will only ever sell products that are of a premium quality
  • that we will stop supplying products if we feel they no longer meet our high standards
  • that you will find our service the best around.

Your dog is your best friend, they look to you for food, guidance and safety - we want to play a part in that very special relationship and make sure that we are there to support you giving your dog the very best raw nutrition that they deserve.