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Verm-X Crunchies are designed to be fed every day throughout the year. This means that you do not need to buy additional reward or treat products for your dogs as our Verm-X formulation can act as an traditional treat whilst functioning as a continual intestinal hygiene control.

Verm-X for Dogs is available as a daily treat, a convenient ‘add to feed’ liquid or a new easy to use herbal Pellet.


Feeding Guidelines

1 small dog requires 100g per month. 1 medium dog requires 200g per month, 1 large dog requires 300g per month.


My dog is a fussy eater and I have always struggled with the conventional products, will I have this trouble with Verm-X?
Verm-X does not contain any artificial chemical and so the smell alone is not as strong as conventional products. If palatability is a consideration for you we would recommend our Verm-X Dog Crunchies as they contain Chicken and Salmon Oil making them particularly tasty.

My dog has a chicken allergy amongst others, can I use Verm-X?
Yes, with poultry allergies it is the chicken meat that contains allergens or allergy-producing substances that are called ‘purines.’ As we use poultry meal and not the meat, purines are not present to cause the allergies. If in doubt do consult your vet and introduce Verm-X slowly into the diet.

If in doubt do consult your vet and introduce Verm-X slowly into the diet.

Your product has garlic in it. I thought this was toxic to Cat and Dogs?
The Verm-X range does contain garlic but the quantities are small and therefore generally safe to use. For example, in a small dog e.g 10kg body weight, 50g of garlic would need to be fed to cause toxicity. Our dose is 0.036g daily, which equals 0.072% of the toxic dose. At this level, we feel toxicity is very unlikely, even with daily dosing.

My dog has a gluten, wheat and cereal allergy and has to be fed a ‘sensitive’ type of dog food. Can I feed Verm-X?
Yes, our Verm-X Dog Crunchies are gluten, wheat and cereal free and are ideal for animals with sensitive digestive systems as the Verm-X included is also very soothing and beneficial to the gut health. If in doubt we would recommend the use of out Verm-X Dog Liquid which is simply a blend of the herbs that we use in the canine blend in a macerated form.



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