Here at Wolf Peak we're adding new members to our pack all the time.

Some of those people that are kind enough to promote our services on their own website, so we thought we would do the same!

Good Vet and Pet Guide Logo The Good Dog Guide Logo
The Good Vet & Pet Guide The Good Dog Guide
A brilliant resource for all your doggy need, neatly in one place! A directory packed full of great websites from dog beds to training. A must have on your list of sites to visit!
Dotty 4 Paws Logo Raw Feeding Rebels Logo
Dotty 4 Paws Rawfeeding Rebels
A lovely website which lists cafes, bars, restaurants, pet shops all in your local area! This website is a MUST for people starting our feeding raw, especially if you are a DIY'er. Amazing resource!
Justice for Staffies
Justice for Staffies ReadyDoggyGo®
A new forum dedicated to the love of Staffies and all things dog! Directory of dog friendly places, services and products! Made with Love ;)